Best solution for product feed management and PPC campaigns

Best solution for product feed management and PPC campaigns

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It is a set of tools that let marketers save time spent on ads management, give back control over the campaigns and allow them to reduce the costs of advertising or increase the ad returns.

It is a methodology of product data management. It helps marketing platform algorithms to target the right user with the right product. Merchants and agencies can optimize the product data manually or use automated tools like Sembot.

Deep campaign segmentation is a method to regain control, increase sales and set the targets on product level. 

It helps merchants to increase the volume of sales by controlling what ads the budget is spent on. 

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Choose Sembot Ads Suite if you want to

Increase the performance of your Google and Microsoft Ads

Performance marketing ecosystems are moving towards automation by giving less and less control to marketers. You can regain control thanks to Sembot Ads Suite and then by optimizing the products, deliver your ads with precision.

Result: By having complete product data, your products will be better targeted, thus get more sales.

Decrease the cost of click on Google

By using unique product duplication and phrase injection features, you can A/B test and easily find the perfect title and description for your product.

Result: Product titles and description fitting the search phrases will result in Google Algorithms identifying them as perfect match, which increases the Ad Quality Score and results with lower CPC paid.

Save time on campaign setup

With just a few clicks you can set up an advanced Ads account structure with hundreds of ad groups and tens of campaigns.

Result: Action that in Google or Microsoft Ads panel takes a couple of hours, in Sembot panel will take 5 minutes.

Take informed decisions based on your performance data

You can filter and sort products by their performance, so you know which require your attention and which can be improved.

Result: You save time optimizing products that require it.

Connect to the CSS without additional cost

By running your ads through the CSS you’re removing Google Shopping’s additional margin and increasing your Ad Buying Power.

Read more about CSS here

(Coming Soon) Automate your campaigns to sensibly manage your budget

You can set rules when your products should display, what campaign should serve the ads or change targets/rates depending on the product performance.

Result: Better using of your advertising budget and spending on the products that are converting.

(Coming Soon) Automate feed optimization

With just a few clicks, you can automatically add improvements to your product feed to increase data quality, thus improving the results of your PPC campaigns.

Result: Great deal of time saving on manual optimization by using suggested fixes.

Choose Sembot Ads Suite if you are:

Digital advertising agency that wants to drive better results to their clients

Internal performance marketing team at big ecommerce or brand stores

Individual ecommerce manager



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